How to afford travel in Australia long-term?

how to afford travel in Australia

1. Make it a Working Holiday

This is the strategy we have always used to live a life of travel.

By applying this principle you don’t need a lot of savings as you’ll be earning as you travel.

We lived in places that were expensive to travel, earned the local currency, travelled while we worked, and then travelled long-term in the cheaper regions, like Asia and Africa, in between countries and jobs.

You can find a list of the jobs we’ve worked here.

There are plenty of interesting ways to earn money in other countries. My motto has been to apply for anything and train myself with an army of skills so there are more job options available to me.

The Australian Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Australia Visa is the perfect strategy for an extended stay in Oz as it allows you to supplement your travel funds, gain new skills, to travel and really experience life down under.

Do you qualify for this Working Holiday Visa? It depends on your Nationality and age.

Read our post on the Australian Working Holiday Visa to learn.

What’s so different and so fantastic about now compared to when I started travelling in 1997, is there’s a wide variety of options for making money online – which means you can be location independent!

Learn, apply, work hard. If you want the dream you have to do these things.

How We Earn Money

On this Australian road trip, we are our own employers through this blog.

It’s not just about exploring, adventures, and eating great food all day every day. Behind the scenes we’re actually working long hours as we are also juggling homeschooling Kalyraduring the day.

I would hazard a guess that 80% of the people who covet the life we’ve created, when we show the work we have to do to get it, would be shocked at the commitment.

You can see how we keep the work, life, family, travel balance here.

But, Craig and I are working in the early hours of the morning and late of a night to earn an income to sustain our travels AND so we can continue to share great tips and stories to help you travel more.

We’ll share more in-depth posts through the digital lifestyle hub, including the different ways we earn money through our blog in the next couple of weeks.

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2. Reduce the Time and Money Drains

Travelling can really reduce your living costs.

Many of your normal daily expenses like electricity, rent, mortgage, water, possession maintenance, and insurance disappear. It’s scary how much of your money is wasted on these things. (Be sure to check my money post this coming Friday What lifestyle are you working for?)

When you travel long-term, most of your money is now spent on doing things you really love.

Not only do the money drains disappear, but the demands on your time, like running around to social gatherings and business meetings.

We have more time now to grow our business because these drains on our time have gone.

We’re at the stage of our business now where time is crucial, so we’ll outsource many of our tasks, to free up our time to dedicate to our travels and to those activities that will create other income streams.

Once you start travelling you’ll realize you’ll spend less than if you were living your normal life. If you can earn money at the same time that’s a huge bonus.

3. Reduce your Travel Costs

There are many ways you can save on your travel costs. After 16 years of world travel, we have lots of tricks up our sleeves.

A little research, a little planning, a little creative thinking can get you many reduced or free travel experiences. The more you save on costs, the longer you can travel for.

Due to the nature of our business, we have partnerships in place with YHA Hostels andMantra Apartments, and we do campaigns with Tourism Boards which does make travel in Australia cheaper for us, but we still cover a lot of our costs.

But travel around Australia is definitely affordable for other people, if you make smart decisions. I’m not saying it’s easy by the way, nothing worthwhile ever is, but it’s doable.

We’ll have more specific posts on reducing travel costs in Australia in the near future.

Want tips for short-term travel in Australia?

Not everyone desires or has the time for long-term travel. Particular in countries like Australia which is pretty isolated from the rest of the world and can take many hours just to get here.

But it is possibly if you truly desire it and prioritize your travel itinerary.

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