Our plane route from Paris to Venice took us over the majestic Swiss Alps.

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The (ATVO) bus ride to Piazzale Roma on the island of Venice from Marco Polo airport was about 20 minutes.

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Hotel Arecchino was literally a two minute walk from Piazzale Roma, which was super convenient because of our heavy suitcases. We only had to cross one little bridge to get to the hotel.

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Room #809 was HUGE in comparison to many hotel rooms we’ve encountered in much of Europe. There was also a sofa in the room and a decent sized bathroom.

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We paid a little extra to stay in a room overlooking the canal.

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We found a café right next door to the hotel called Grecia & Oriente. It was along a canal, providing us with a great breeze, which was nice, as Venice is marshy and can be a little humid and hot in the summer months.

Venice-Day1 (37)

Getting lost in Venice is not very hard to do; it’s like a giant maze. We had no idea where we were headed or even what we were looking for. We passed tons of cafés, gelato shops, tacky souvenir kiosks and shops.

Venice-Day1 (42)

We started along the Grand Canal and ended up walking down side alleys and other small canals. We passed through a few plazas and stopped to watch the gondolas go by through the back canals. The heat was intense.

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