10 Things not to forget to pack on your Cruise Vacation

1. Tums/Antacids

Cruise ship food is amazing and wonderful but most likely not what you are used to eating for 7 days in a row. Packing antacids will help if you get heartburn during the cruise.

2. Bug Bite Relief

If you are traveling to a tropical destination there will be bugs unfortunately. Backing bug bite relief will help with any bites you pick up while in port.

3. Shout Cleaning Wipes

Dry cleaning is available on the cruise ship but it is not cheap. Having Shout wipes or other laundry wipes with you can help protect your clothes from staining during your trip.

It takes a day or two to get used to the motion of the ship on the water. It is really easy to misjudge while eating and end up with a few drops here and there on your clothes.

4. Plastic Bag/beach bag

We have found that many stores do not offer shopping bags when you make a purchase in port. Having plastic bags or a beach bag with you is a great way to carry your purchases without having to hold them the entire time.

Plastic bags also work for wet swimsuits and towels after you have been at the beach all day.

I tend to use plastic bags to double wrap our toiletries in our bags.

5. Liquor prices if you plan on buying liquor

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If you plan to buy liquor during your cruise I highly suggest checking prices at home before you leave.  On a recent cruise there was only a $1.25 price difference between duty free and our local Costco. For that low of a different I am not going to tempt having the liquor leak in my suitcase. Other varieties of liquor were $10+ cheaper at the duty free shop.

6. Post it notes to leave notes for your cabin steward

Post It notes are a great way to let your cabin steward know if you need anything for your room. You can also leave notes for family members if you are participating in different activities.

7. Electrical bar for charging everything

Depending on your room you may only have 1 or 2 electrical outlets available for charging your electronics. Carrying an electronic bar can help minimize the stress of trying to get multiple camera batteries, cell phones, lap tops and other items charged.

8. Envelope/folder to keep the paperwork you receive on the cruise

We pack a 6-Pocket Expanding File with us on each cruise. This is a great way to keep track of the papers you receive on the cruise. We like to hold onto the daily schedules and port packets so we can reference them when we go through our photos.

9. Sunglasses and Sunscreen

It is bright at sea! Sunglasses are your friend on a cruise. We tend to pack multiple pairs just in case something happens to our primary pair. You can find new sunglasses in port and on the ship but they will not be cheap.

10. Bottle Bags

If you plan on purchasing liquor or fragile items on your cruise bottle bags are a great way to bring them back and protect your luggage. We have brought back items on multiple cruises and been really happy we had bottle bags with us. On a recent cruise we had a bottle of Blue Curacao Liquor implode inside the bottle bag. I was so happy we came prepared and our clothes did not end up blue and smelling like liquor.


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